SingleStoreDB - Cluster related

727536828118 2023-04-25 23:26:46.325 ERROR: Thread 114969 (ntid 5164, conn id -1): MoveOneStep: XXX_3 log: Slave data read failed with error 104 (Connection reset by peer) while in state x_streaming. and Application is not getting any result from DB and it is occuring daily in some particular minutes .

SingleStoreDB Version : 8.0.4

This error message indicates a problem with the replication process, specifically during the data read from the slave node (see here). This could be caused by a connection issue between the replica and the master.

I recommend you go to SingleStore | Develop with SQrL, Your SingleStore Copilot. and ask

"How can I resolve this issue?

< then past in your original message >

It will give troubleshooting advice for this.