Snapshots folder wiped out

I was recently doing some maintenance on a db and realized that the snapshots folder was full with files causing the db queries to fail. I accidentally removed all of the files in this folder before trying a restart. Now, I am unable to restart the leaf node, presumably due to the snapshots being wiped. Is there a way I could recover from this issue?

I’d suggest reinstalling MemSQL and restoring the DB or DBs from a backup.

Thank you for the quick response, is there any specific steps I can follow to just reinstall this particular leaf node without affecting the other working nodes.

I take it your not running with redundancy 2? If you are, then you have a 2nd copy of all that data on another node in the cluster, so there shouldn’t be a need to backup.

As for fixing the broken leaf, it can be fixed without reinstalling it, but its likely not worth the effort of doing that.

It is likely faster to use:

followed by: