Sr. Oracle DBA - New to SingleStore - Question about scripting user creation

I’ve recently inherited support for some memSQL/Singlestore databases.

I have a request to copy the users and permissions from one cluster to another. I would like to extract the users and permissions from the source into a script and run that script in the second cluster.

I know the "SHOW " commands but I have to paste the output into a text editor and combine the different pieces and I have several users to do, so thats not a great option.

Surely there is a way to extract the commands to create a user & do the necessary grants for that user ?

Can anyone point me to any such script (or script library?)

Hello, thank you for reaching out, and welcome to our community!

We have not officially productized a user dump script. It is, however, on our near-term roadmap, and we plan to integrate it with our management tools.

We do have a sample utility that we can share with you that dumps users out, though. I would like to share the binary with you, but the forum format does not allow me to attach binaries.

I just sent you a private message with my email information so we can connect and I can send you the binary there.