Starting pipeline with transform fails

Hi Team,

We have done Json schema deserialization in java before loading into MemSQL and We’ve created a sample JAR file and manually deployed to Leaf node. For testing We’ve created a shell script which has to run this Java transform.
The kafka pipeline with transform is created but when I START the pipeline in foreground, I am getting the below error message

SQL Error [1953] [HY000]: Leaf Error ( Leaf Error ( Transform for pipeline exited with nonzero exit code. Stderr:
2022-06-13 14:29:41.265
ERROR: Subprocess /opt/memsql/Leaf1/data/./transforms/c1f575fc5bbf96fec085de5a92ec410d9489cef5/a9c178f1c770ef9e06d32cfdc84b9ee56c3cb475/d3cfa2b2931fea211dc36a94be1ba3bc3653e28c/161f3679b227fb17af8b31b7ce384ff47890ef95_transform exited with failure result (8 : Exec format error)

Here is the pipeline command that I have used

AS LOAD DATA KAFKA ‘kafka-host:port/tmjsontest’
WITH TRANSFORM (‘file://localhost/var/lib/memsql/db_files/’ , ‘’ , ‘’)
INTO TABLE jsonmessages

Can you help me understand what is the issue here and how to go about it?

Welcome aboard Sowmya! :wave: Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Can you tell us if you are running the managed or self hosted service and what version ?

Hi Maria, Thanks for responding.
We are running self-hosted service and the version we are using is 7.6.8

Thanks for those specs, Sownya! :raised_hands:
In order to better diagnose this issue, can you provide more details?

We would need to see the script, sample Kafka message and schema please.