Stats in old memsql-ops's web dashboard

I loved the old memsql-ops’s web dashboard with all the dynamic stats of every node about CPU, Paging, Disk Capacity, Disk Utilization and Network Usage. Now there isn’t any way to see this useful stats fast. This has been a tragic lost :frowning:

It was explained to me that this loss was one of the necessary tradeoffs when eliminating the distributed architecture of MemSQL Ops for MemSQL Toolbox. The service no longer needs to be installed on every host, which simplifies maintenance and avoids certain types of issues such as out-of-sync topologies, but this also means that we can no longer directly collect these statistics on every host. Also, I seem to recall that there are some general problems with polling for resource usage in this way that can have misleading results (not specific to MemSQL), but I don’t recall the details unfortunately. Regardless, I commiserate. :slight_smile:


Thank you @bvincent for the excellent answer!

@alexis.fernandez, we are hearing your feedback. Stay tuned for future releases of MemSQL.

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Thank you very much!