Studio extremely slow when managing a large number of databases

We have 50+ databases in our cluster and Studio is extremely slow to use. Any refresh of the database list or drill down to the tables / columns of a database makes it freeze for several seconds.
We are now moving away from it as it’s too painful to use and are using DBeaver instead.

Have you tested Studio with a large number of databases?


First of all, thank you for the feedback.
We have tested Studio with large clusters but sometimes schemas can have an impact on the tool performance. We made some improvements on v3.2.8 (
Can you please tell me which Studio version are you using? Additionally, please send us your cluster report (you can see how to generate one here
If you can’t generate one, you can rather send us your schema.



I was running 3.2.0. I upgraded to 3.2.11 but that didn’t improve things. For instance clicking the refresh button on the right hand side froze my page for almost a minute. Even the browser popped up a window to tell me the site was frozen and whether I wanted to exit it or not.

I’m running the report now but that seems to take ages to complete.
We don’t have just one schema. As I mentioned there are over 50 databases on the cluster all with possibly different schemas.


It turns out that the report contains sensitive information that I cannot post to a public forum.



What we call “schema” is the schema for all your databases, which is a set of .sql files in your cluster report. That’s the only part of the cluster report that we’d need to diagnose this issue.

If you don’t want to post your schema or report in the forums but are comfortable with sending it directly to me, just email

If you’re not comfortable with sharing the schema at all, then there’s no way for us to help you.

Hi @celer-tech how many total tables, columns, and other objects like views and SPs do you have total across all databases? And in the database with the most tables/columns/objects?


There are currently:

  • 55 databases
  • 4395 tables
  • 45913 columns

Roughly, Half of the databases have about 20 tables and 140 columns and the other half have 140 tables and 1500 columns.

No views or SPs.


Thanks for those details. I’ll pass those along to our engineering team.

Can you send the report to Marta? Otherwise we might not be able to reproduce the issue. We can’t do much without a schema. The type of the tables, the types of index, etc., matter a lot.

Otherwise, tell us what you can about the table types (row store vs. column store) and indexes and keys.

I cannot send you all the schemas unfortunately as they contain sensitive information.
Having said that, the DBs consists pretty much of two distinct schemas (half the DBs using schema 1 and half using schema 2). There are an additional 5 DBs with a third schema too.
I’ll send a sample of the 3 schemas to Marta

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I often face the same issue from many couples of days. I will try your suggestion.
Thank You

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Let us know how it goes Ankit. We look forward to the update!