Support Anonymous MP SQL Blocks

MemSQL should add the ability to run anonymous MPSQL blocks.

By enabling this, it would allow developers to code without first creating a stored procedure.
An anonymous block is procedural logic that appears outside of a stored procedure. Unlike stored procedures, anonymous blocks are not stored in the database.

With anonymous blocks, a developer can run code from a client application or IDE without creating a stored procedure. Developers use this feature when testing or debugging code, and also to create .sql files that are essentially scripts that get run to perform a task. Developers also embed anonymous blocks in their application code. Other database products allow anonymous blocks, so this feature will make migration to MemSQL faster and more convenient.

Note: A member of the MemSQL team has filed this feature request. We are adding in several features to this forum that we believe are popular with our users to engage and better understand the needs of the MemSQL community.

Anonymous code blocks shipped in 7.5.7:

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