Taking Backups from Master Aggregator But Child Aggregator VM is stopped, Can I take DataBase Backups


I am trying to take full backup of Database in my SS Cluster.
I have 1 MA, 1 CA and 2 Leaf Nodes.
SS Version: 8.0.9, SS Installatoin type: tar ball based installatoin in Linux
CA is stopped currently, and trying to take full backups from MA aggregator.

After running command I am getting error All nodes must be running, but <CA ip>:<CA Port> is in Stopped state.

Do I need to keep at MA and CA up to take SS Cluster backups??

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch with us. In most cases, it’s not necessary to have all child aggregators running to perform backups. I’ll check with our team to find out why you’re encountering this error and get back to you with an update soon.