Terminate MemSQL Installed in Unix Server

Hello All,

I have installed memsql-client/memsql-toolbox/memsql-studio using in Unix Box

yum install -y memsql-client memsql-toolbox memsql-studio

Deployed “cluster-in-a-box” version.

memsql-deploy cluster-in-a-box --license [YOUR LICENSE KEY] --version 7.0

I would like to stop and terminate and delete installed memsql. Used the following memsql commands and nothing helping me out in uninstalling memsql (Post executing the below commands i could see memsql is still running command memsql --version. Could some one help me in uninstalling memsql instance in my unix server?. Appreciate your inputs.

  1. memsql-deploy uninstall --all-versions
  2. memsql-admin stop-node --force
  3. memsql-admin stop-node --all

yum remove -y memsql-client memsql-toolbox memsql-studio

Appreciate your help. It worked. Thanks a lot for your needful

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