The operating system failed to allocate memory -alma linux

line 34: ER_MEMSQL_OOM (1712), Leaf Error ( The operating system failed to allocate memory (MemSQL memory use 18658.88 Mb). The request was not processed. See Memory Errors · SingleStore Documentation for additional information

please with your help, singlestore is deployed in alma linux operating system

Hi Johanna,
Can you share more details, please?
The SingleStore version you are running.
The query that returned the error.

Hi Kostya
The error gives me when I execute a pipeline that wants to load approximately 20 million records and weighs 5g, when performing tests it works once and if I execute it again the error begins to jump and no longer allows performing or selecting
The singlestore version is 8.1.17
The server has 128 Gb RAM and 32 cores

Thanks for sharing the details, a couple more questions.
Are you loading to a rowstore table?
Did you use the recommended OS settings during installation?

Sometimes, adding swap space can help, as it allows the kernel to allocate more memory. The system wont necessarily use the swap space extensively, but it needs to know its available.