Toolbox 1.12.1 updating OS settings by default


I can read the following in the release notes of toolbox 1.12.1:
" By default, the sdb-toolbox-config register-host command now configures the host’s operating system per SingleStore’s recommendations. To disable this option, use the new skip-auto-config flag"

While I personally think this is not a good enhancement (In a controlled environment, one would not want the OS to be touched when installating an application), how does this work when using the sdb-deploy setup-cluster command during a new cluster installation?
During such an operation, the register-host command will be used, will it also try to change the OS settings by default? I do not see an option to turn this on/off.


Hello, @celer-tech!
Thank you for reaching out and for providing feedback regarding our new feature!

In Toolbox v1.12.1 there is no support for configuring operating system via sdb-deploy setup-cluster command. Operating system configuration is done only for the manual host registration via sdb-toolbox-config register-host command.


But the registering of hosts happens automatically when setting up a cluster. My question is whether this will also trigger an update of the OS settings.


Hi, @celer-tech!

In Toolbox 1.12.1 the setup-cluster command won’t trigger registered host configuring.