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Greetings SingleStore Friends! :sun_with_face:

You might have often wondered, “just how data intensive is my environment, application or data infrastructure? How is my data infrastructure going to handle high complexity queries with large numbers of users? And how can my team meet the data intensive demands of our customers?”

Well, I am super delighted to share some incredible news!!

SingleStore has just launched a very impressive Data Intensity Assessment Calculator to answer these troubling questions and put your mind at ease in less than 3 minutes! The brand new tool allows you to better understand the power and performance of your data while providing insight on what you can do to become more efficient and data-driven.

This is ground-breaking! You can now evaluate and measure your data intensity by just answering a 3-minute survey and receiving your specific Data Intensity Score.

The Data Intensity Assessment is a quick questionnaire that will calculate the factors that are holding you back from delivering scalable, real-time analytics and exactly what you need to meet your customers’ data intensive needs. It utilizes 5 unique variables to determine your score: Data Size, Query Latency, Query Complexity, Data Ingest Speed, and Concurrency. Using a unique formula, SingleStore’s Data Intensity Index will determine the optimal data infrastructure needed to meet your particular requirements and how your database can best cope with high data levels.

Free for all to try; indulge your curiosity and find out your Data Intensity Score.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience. Let us know your feedback and get the chance to win some cool data intensive swag!

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