Upgrade related

While upgrading session was closed . Due to this only leaf node upgradation was done with version 7.8.13 . Master & Child Aggregators are running with old version 7.5.12 . So we tried again with offline upgrade with below command

sdb-deploy upgrade --online --file-path singlestoredb-server7.8.13-f8fec5f0db.x86_64.rpm

Getting error like There are nodes running different SingleStore DB versions: 7.5.12 and 7.8.13 . How to solve this

After restarting the Cluster by using the command sdb-admin restart-node --all

issue got resolved . Thanks

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Glad to hear this issue was resolved, Anish! :raised_hands:
Thanks for sharing as this may be helpful to others in our community.
Cheers! :dizzy: