User configuration (Host) on Aggregator and Leaves when SingleStore Spark Connector is used

Hi Experts,

I had two successfull singlestore spark connector development:
1.) AWS Glue Jobs
2.) Databricks NB could connect and transfer tables data

Now with a new team I cannot ask SS administrators to let my user to have access to the ALL Leaves over the Aggregator Node.

I assume, when we use the spark connector which ideally has as many connection as many Leaf Nodes we have (if we have at leat the same number of Workers in Spark) , therefore I believe we have to enter the same USER settings for all the Nodes.

What is the right , porper way to eneble a Spark Connector access for a user in SingleStore?

I am waiting your suggestions.

Hi @torokl, welcome to the SingleStore forums!

You are correct that you would need to have the same user access across all of the nodes for enabling parallel read prior to SingleStore 7.5.

If you are using SingleStore 7.5 or higher, we have a new version of the connector that will be available tomorrow (December 1) that will enable you to create a job that will read in parallel from the aggregators rather than the leaf nodes. I will post a link to the updated connector here once it is available.