User un hung state


We are frequently facing the user hung issue. We are using one user for Grafana and another user to login to the memsql studio. Due to the frequent issue, Both applications stopped working. When we tried to log in to the Memsql studio the following error displayed.

An error occurred: Error: ER_RG_TIMEOUT: The query has reached the timeout set for this connection's resource pool.

When we tried to log in from the child aggregrator then it works fine.

Can someone provide a solution for this?


I am not sure what’s going on here. For the record, MemSQL Studio can only connect to a Master Aggregator (MA) so it seems like there’s something wrong with the MA in your cluster.

Did you try to connect to the MA directly with the mysql CLI to understand if it’s an issue with MemSQL Studio or MemSQL itself?

Seems like a query took more time that the query timeout set for that query’s resource pool (See , , for resource pools)