UTF-8mb4 - Pipeline processing


The singlestore version we have is 7.8.4.
We are using singlestore pipeline to consume data directly from kafka and executing SP to process and store the data into tables.
The incoming kafka message might have special chars like emoji icons. We have set the charset to UTF-8mb4 at global level. But, still the messages are broken and it fails while parsing within the stored proc.

Is there any setting we are missing to deal with this?

I’ll try to get an expert in this area to answer. Meanwhile, what’s the error message you’re getting?

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We get only the partial JSON message and the message is only until the first occurance of the special char.


Sorry for the late response.
Please, be sure that the column in which you are inserting data support UTF8-MB4 characters. As column collation\character set is chosen during table creation based on globals vars (i.e. @@character_set_client, @@collation_connection, etc.) if one wasn’t specified explicitly. And even after updating globals vars, the column character set won’t be changed.
The same is true for stored procedures.

If it’s not the case for you, I will be glad to help you.

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