Value such as oracle's scn

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Is there a value like SCN, such as oracle?
When migrating data, we need information to check the system change number of DB.

Why is there no SCN in memsql?
Is there a value like SCN, such as oracle?



There isn’t currently a single global SCN-like value in memsql - the reason for that is that it is a distributed system, where different partitions are mostly independent, and have what we call LSN (log sequence number), alongside the reference database.

That being said, you could collect the LSN of each partition, and of the reference database, and that set is roughly equivalent to an SCN, if the way you are moving data is via replication (e.g. DR).

Can you give more details on what you’re trying to do? Depending on how you’re migrating data, LSNs may or may not be appropriate, but there might also be alternative approaches.