Variables value

Hi Team,

What could be the maximum value for the below. Am getting error sometime for big queries.
Am using singlestore 7.8 self managed free version.
Kindly suggest .

max_compilation_memory_mb 4096
max_compilation_time_s 600
![image 690

Team, can you please guide me on this

Hi Ganesh! I’ve escalated this internally to find an answer for you. We appreciate your continued patience. :pray: Thank you!

Hi Ganesh!

To follow-up, these are engine variables where the “max” really depends on the system you are running the cluster on. Good news is that you can set the global variables using this command:

set GLOBAL variable_name = new_value;

For example: if you wanted to double the “max_compilation_memory_mb” you could write:

set GLOBAL max_compilation_memory_mb = 8192;

To verify the new value, use this select statement:

select @@max_compilation_memory_mb;

Hope this was helpful! Let us know how it goes and what did or didn’t work well for you. I’m sure others have had this same question as well. So others would probably appreciate you sharing what you tried and how it worked out. :smile: Cheers!

Thanks @MariaSilverhardt .

I will try and share my experience.

And you have said , its depends on system am running. So based on the system configuration , the value of max_compilation_memory_mb; will be vary.

This is what I want, How to determine the value based on system configuration? what are all system configuration should i consider and how to derive the value for max_compilation_memory_mb; ?

Please share if possible . It will be really helpful to us anytime