What are the allowed value ranges for engine variables?

I am working on a project which tunes the database knobs (In memsql, engine variables) to get the best performance of the database for a given workload.
For this, I am trying to find the allowed range of values for each of the engine variables.
Can you please tell me when I can find it? The link which lists the engine variables, mentions the default values but not the range.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @meghana.j91,

We don’t have a list showing the range or set of possible values for all engine variables.

The text of the descriptions in

sometimes lists the possible discrete values the variable can take. Other variables may be integers, so they can typically be set to 0, 1, … <largest unsigned 32 bit int size = 4294967295> but that is not universal. Others may be numbers in the range 0…1 (as stated in the description). We’ll look into changing this in our documentation.

If you set a variable to an out-of-range value, you will get an error. So you could binary-search for the upper limit. Not very satisfying, I know, but if you are really dedicated to knowing the limits, you can find them that way.