What CPU is the best to use? Is IBM a possibility?

When installing SingleStore, is there a specific CPU that is the best to use for max performance? Intel Extreme Edition? Xeon 2288G’s? Ryzen? Threadripper? It’s not too clear what CPU seems to do best with SingleStore, though it appears as if it’s probably meant to be used with Intel Platinum or Gold.

Also, can you run SingleStore on an IBM power processor? I’m assuming no since it doesn’t have the AVX2 or SSE4.2 instruction set, though IBM does support Linux.

Is bare metal an option with SingleStore? It seems like it’s meant to be run inside a container of some sort, but would running it on bare metal be possible and practical?

Finally, is it possible to run SingleStore on persistent memory and have it utilize ram at the same time?

You can use SingleStore on any type of Intel-compatible 64-bit processor. We do recommend that the chip supports AVX2 SIMD instructions, which most built in the last 4 years do.

The best processors to run on (to get the best performance) are typically the higher-end Intel Xeon server chips. Sure, you can run SingleStore in bare metal or in the cloud.

You can run SingleStore on persistent memory. See some thoughts here about that:

Than you so much for the quick response!

Thank you so much for sharing this