What features are covered by Advanced Security Option?

Other than the following, are there any other features covered with the Advanced Security Option?:
audit logging
strict mode

Hi @mnagy,

Thank you for being interested in MemSQL. There is good information about security in this page https://www.memsql.com/security/ Is this what you are looking for?

Are you currently using MemSQL yet? If yes, do you use MemSQL Helios or self managed installations?



Hi Yu-wang,

We currently have self managed installation. As of this time, we are trying to determine if we need to purchase the advanced security option. The documentation, as far as we can tell, list only audit logging and strict mode as features of this additional license. The RBAC, encryption and password policy seems to be incorporated with the base enterprise release, is that a correct statement?


Hi Marty,

Thanks for the information you provided.

I was told that the MemSQL sales team had contacted you regarding your question. I think you are in good hands. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Have a good week,


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Yes Yu-wang, we had a conversation earlier in the day. We are good now.

Thank you for your help.