The Database of NowTM

Speed, Scale, and SQL for results now.

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Performance for Demanding Applications

SingleStore delivers industry-leading performance from ingestion to query response to support today’s most important systems

Familiar, Standard, SQL at Scale

Our unique distributed architecture gives you scale-out and high concurrency without having to give up ANSI-SQL

One Database for Every Workload & Infrastructure

Modern, cloud-native database architecture supports transactions and analytics across both public cloud and on-premise deployments

The Database of NowTM
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    Fast data ingest for real-time results
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    Achieve record breaking query performance
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    Durable scalable storage
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    Easy to setup and manage
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    Robust enterprise security
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About SingleStore

SingleStore is The Database of NowTM for Modern Applications. Run both transactional and analytical workloads at scale with an integrated, familiar, durable SQL database
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