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SingleStore Pro Max

The data platform for
real-time AI applications.

All in real time.

Designed for apps, analytics and gen AI, SingleStore is the world's only real-time data platform that can read, write and reason on petabyte-scale data in a few milliseconds.

Streaming ingestion + fast writes
10M events/sec

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High concurrency
100k+ users

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First-class vector support
10+ functions

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Record lookups
1-15 ms

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everything-you-needEverything you need,
all in one data platform


Drive real-time analytics with super-fast ingest pipelines and a horizontally scalable architecture.

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Tap into columnstore capabilities and aggregate functions for the most demanding analytics.

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Use vector functions, semantic and keyword search and Notebooks as a foundation to build AI applications.

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building-real-time-applications-analytics-with-single-storeBuilding real-time applications + analytics with SingleStore

Streaming data ingestion

High throughput, parallel, lock-free streaming ingestion – up to millions of events per second – from diverse data sources including Apache Kafka, blob stores (S3, Azure blob storage, GCS) or HDFS.

Low-latency query performance

Millisecond query performance that matches the performance of top data warehouses on popular analytical benchmarks, including those derived 
from TPC-H and TPC-DS.

Multi-model hybrid queries

Drive blazing-fast analytics on more than just relational data by combining JSON, time-series, vector, full-text search, geospatial and more. And now with SingleStore Kai™, developers can drive up to 100x faster analytics on JSON data in MongoDB®.

Three-tiered storage

SingleStore's unique Universal Storage format brings together the fast table scan performance
of a columnstore and the selective seek performance of rowstore index, together with cloud object storage.

Unified architecture

SingleStore database unifies transactions and analytics in the same engine to deliver high-performance analytics on operational data in real time — without the need for data movement

Separation of storage and compute

Get unlimited storage with high availability and effortlessly scale compute resources independent of storage to meet the needs of any workload.

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