Effortlessly set up streaming ingest feeds from Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, and HDFS using a single CREATE PIPELINE command

extract-transform-loadExtract, transform, load

Pull data directly from Apache Kafka, Amazon S3, Azure Blob, or HDFS with no additional middleware required

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Map and enrich data with user-defined or Apache Spark transformations for real-time scoring, cleaning and de-duplication

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Guarantee message delivery and eliminate duplicate or incomplete stream data for accurate reporting and analysis

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optimized-for-streamingOptimized for Streaming

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    Rapid Parallel Loading
    Load multiple data feeds into a single database using scalable parallel ingestion

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    Live De-Duplication
    Eliminate duplicate records at the time of ingestion for real-time data cleansing

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    Simplified Architecture
    Reduce or eliminate costly middleware tools and processing with direct ingest from message brokers

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    Exactly Once Semantics
    Ensure accurate delivery of every message for reporting and analysis of enterprise critical data

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    Built-in Management
    Connect, add transformations and monitor performance using intuitive web UI

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    Build Your Own
    Add custom connectivity using an extensible plug-in framework

Test drive SingleStore

Enjoy the ultra-high performance and elastic scalability of SingleStore.

integrated-architectureIntegrated Architecture

Efficiently load data into database tables using parallel ingestion from individual Apache Kafka or Amazon S3 brokers.