SingleStore Helios®

transactions-analyticsTransactions + analytics
Real-time RAG

SingleStore Helios® is a cloud database-as-a-service available on leading public clouds and delivers elastic scalability, high availability and exceptional price-performance for your applications, without the burden of managing your data infrastructure.

SingleStore Helios scales storage independently of compute and includes Jupyter notebooks, data integration services and a compute service for running AI workloads —  meaning developers, ML engineers and data engineers can quickly build awesome things together.

Faster JSON analytics

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build-without-limitsBuild without limits

Designed for (and by) developers and architects, SingleStore supports the world’s most demanding, real-time applications.

Low latency, high concurrency

Single-digit millisecond response times on large datasets across hundreds of concurrent users running complex queries

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Fast ingestion example

Fast ingestion

SingleStore Pipelines offer blazing fast data ingestion (with optional transforms) from multiple data sources such as Kafka, Amazon S3 and HDFS

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Horizontal scalability

Scale out architecture + separation of storage and compute for optimizing price-performance.

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Workspaces allow you to scale compute independently while workloads run on shared data.

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build-for-your-enterpriseBuild for your enterprise

With security, high availability, disaster recovery and operational ease built in, SingleStore allows you to focus on creating value for your customers — without having to worry about operational aspects of your data platform.


For data at rest and in motion, provide authentication, authorization and accounting using tools like Okta, Ping and Azure AD, and audit logging

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Security and compliance certifications including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, Privacy Shield, CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA.

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Ensure high availability for your mission-critical applications with SLA guarantees, the ability to recover databases to any point in time and multi-AZ failover

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Observability + Manageability

It’s easy to optimize the performance of your databases with built-in observability, elastic scalability and API-powered database operations.

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powering-the-best-in-thePowering the best in the
business — and the world

the-engine-under-the-hoodThe engine under the hood

Data ingestion

Stream or bulk load data from a variety of sources. Ingested data is loaded into memory as rowstore tables.

Bottomless storage

While data is persisted to local disk, it can also spill over to object storage, allowing separation of compute and storage.


Aggregator and leaf nodes can be added for horizontal scaling and fault tolerance.

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We are now all in on SingleStore Helios, which has allowed us to drop Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL, saving us an absolute fortune in monthly costs while dramatically improving performance.

Jack Ellis
Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics