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Power real-time, interactive applications

in-app-analytics-in-real-timeIn-app analytics, in real time

from-customer-facing-applications-to-supply-chain-analytics-fraud-io-t-cybersecurity-retail-and-more-modern-applications-demand-interactive-analytics-on-real-time-data-as-it-streams-in-and-these-analytics-need-to-be-served-within-an-application-in-app-analytics-at-speed-or-using-bi-dashboardsFrom customer-facing applications to supply chain analytics, fraud, IoT, cybersecurity, retail and more, modern applications demand interactive analytics on real-time data as it streams in. And these analytics need to be served within an application (in-app analytics) at speed, or using BI dashboards.

Yet legacy data platforms can’t handle fast-moving, fast-changing data streams. They simply weren’t designed to keep up with data as it lands.

Bringing streaming ingestion together with extremely fast writes, analytics and AI/vector capabilities in a single data platform, SingleStoreDB powers real-time applications with analytics, without the need for ETL or data movement.

E-commerce store example

application-with-in-app-analyticsApplication with in-app analytics

building-real-time-applications-analytics-with-single-store-dbBuilding real-time applications + analytics with SingleStoreDB

Streaming data ingestion

High throughput, parallel, lock-free streaming ingestion – up to millions of events per second – from diverse data sources including Apache Kafka, blob stores (S3, Azure blob storage, GCS) or HDFS.

Low-latency performance 
for complex queries

Millisecond query performance that matches the performance of top data warehouses on popular analytical benchmarks, including those derived 
from TPC-H and TPC-DS.

Multi-model hybrid queries

Drive blazing-fast analytics on more than just relational data by combining JSON, time-series, vector, full-text search, geospatial and more. And now with SingleStore Kai™, developers can drive up to 100x faster analytics on JSON data in MongoDB®.

Three-tiered storage

Our Universal Storage format brings together the fast table scan performance
of a columnstore and the selective seek performance of rowstore index, together with cloud object storage.

Unified architecture

SingleStoreDB unifies transactions and analytics in the same engine to deliver high-performance analytics on operational data in real time — without the need for data movement.

Separation of storage and compute

Get unlimited storage with high availability and effortlessly scale compute resources independent of storage to meet the needs of any workload.

Test drive SingleStore

Enjoy the ultra-high performance and elastic scalability of SingleStore.

turbocharge-real-time-analytics-on-jsonTurbocharge real-time analytics on JSON

SingleStore Kai™ is a fast, easy and powerful API to drive up to 100x faster analytics on your MongoDB® applications — without any query changes, application migration or data transformations.  

This feature is now available in public preview and is a game-changer for app developers, enabling them to take advantage of both SQL and MongoDB® APIs in a single database engine to power fast, real-time applications.

Check out the latest analytical benchmarks here to see how SingleStore Kai stacks up against MongoDB® for query speed.

accelerating-your-data-warehouse-with-single-store-dbAccelerating your data warehouse with SingleStoreDB

Leading organizations augment their legacy or cloud data warehouses with SingleStoreDB as the fast layer to drive ultra-fast analytics and power modern data applications.

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20-100x faster time-to-insights
High throughput parallel streaming ingestion together with super
low-latency queries

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Run apps + analytics efficiently
Get ultra-fast analytics and applications directly on SingleStoreDB without data movement, while lowering costs.

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Accelerate your data warehouse to deliver better price performance and overall lower TCO (up to 50%) with SingleStoreDB.

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bringing-real-time-to-the-real-world-global-leaders-trust-single-storeBringing real-time to the real world: global leaders trust SingleStore