why-single-store-for-high-technologyWhy SingleStore For High Technology?

Technology companies need to know the pulse of their customers and operations to respond when it matters most. SingleStore is the real-time data warehouse for high technology companies who want to be proactive with personalized customer engagement, live operational analysis, and real-time optimization.

Streaming Data Ingest and Store
Collect and store multiple streams of data into a relational format for real-time or historical analysis, without relying on slow batch processing.

Proven Compatibility
ANSI SQL compliant with full data persistence improves data accuracy that works with existing business intelligence and middleware tools.

Unlimited Scale and Highly Available
Shared nothing architecture for scale out or up using industry standard hardware. Built-in resilience keeps the database online. Deploy on-premises, as-a-service or a hybrid of both.

Fast Query Response
Discover new customer segments, overlaps or propensity to buy events as it happens using historical and real-time sources with standard SQL.

millisecond-query-response-to-1000-s-of-usersMillisecond Query Response to 1000s of Users

Real-time analytics at scale

SingleStore is super fast, supports ingestion at a rate significantly beyond our actual requirements and it meets our reliability needs.

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James Burkhart
Staff Engineer, Uber


Working with SingleStore, we gain an unprecedented advantage in real-time analytics, delivering effective models for our partners to increase engagement rates and boost revenue.

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