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What does real time mean to you? Is it the driver information you get within seconds of a ride-share app request? Is it the immediate alert that your bank has detected fraudulent activity? Or is it the personalized recommendations you get on your favorite streaming services as soon as you’ve finished watching another show? 

SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) was founded to help organizations and enterprises do the previously unthinkable: Unify transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) processing in a single, powerful data engine that delivers the ability to transact, analyze, reason and contextualize data in real time — while powering the applications and analytics users expect to keep their world’s moving.

The formula for a real-time system is simple: It’s fast, unified, scalable and resilient — empowering companies to make quick decisions on data. Today, SingleStore brings you the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for real-time applications and analytics, SingleStoreDB. By combining transactional and analytical workloads within a multi-model structure, SingleStoreDB eliminates performance bottlenecks and unnecessary data movement; we provide a foundation to build generative AI applications; we provide unbeatable vector functionalities.  We’re the crossroads where highly performant meets highly powerful. 

SingleStoreDB is designed for the world’s makers — SaaS builders, data leaders and architects, digital giants and global innovators — that create with data everyday. Brands like Hulu, Dell, Comcast, GE, Disney+ and more choose SingleStore to build and deliver the experiences that last a lifetime.

All data. All in real time. All right now.

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