SingleStore Certification Program

Add the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for real-time applications to your skillset.

SingleStore Certified Developer Examsinglestoredb-certified-developer-exam

Expand Your Expertise
Demonstrate your expertise developing applications on the #1 database for unified transactional and analytical processing.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
A SingleStore certification gives you an advantage over other job seekers, recognition and opportunity for advancement.
Flex Your Knowledge
SingleStore Certified Developer Exam includes questions vetted by our experts, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of our product.

What Can I Expect During the Certification Program?what-can-i-expect

Our Developer Exam is designed to help you gain a well-rounded, comprehensive knowledge of SingleStore.
You will be tested against four key domains:
Demonstrate your knowledge of SingleStore’s distributed architecture.
Demonstrate that you know how to create an efficient, functioning database schema in SingleStore.
Demonstrate your knowledge of SingleStore Pipelines, transforms, transactions and connectivity.
Demonstrate your knowledge of SingleStore Procedural SQL, DML, DDL and various data types.

Become a Certified SingleStore Developer Todaybecome-a-certified-developer

Brands like Hulu, Uber, Comcast and more choose SingleStore to reduce operational and design burdens of their real-time analytical applications. Ready to flex your expertise on a powerful, unified database? Create an account and register for the SingleStore Certified Developer Exam today. For complete details, see our exam guide.
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    SingleStore Certified Developer Badge
    A badge will be awarded upon completing and passing the exam.
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    Overall Exam Details
    50 total questions, 80 minutes in duration and online proctored.
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    Additional Attempts to Pass
    In the event you don’t pass, you’re allowed a second attempt (after a mandatory waiting period).
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    Scoring Structure
    See the Exam Guide for details
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    Total Price: $100
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    Complete Documentation
    Dive deeper into SingleStore ahead of the exam with comprehensive documentation.
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    Guide & Study Materials:
    Exam Guide here
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    Certification Validity & Renewal:
    Valid for 1 Year

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Gain advantages over other job seekers, recognition and opportunity for advancement.