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Our customers tap into fast, scalable and unified technology that unlocks the power of real-time data across every vertical and use case. Here are some of their stories.

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bringing-real-time-to-the-real-world-global-leaders-trust-single-storeBringing real-time to the real world: global leaders trust SingleStore

makers-choose-single-storeMakers choose SingleStore

We were able to build more confidence in our ability to provide a platform we could grow with that could operate cost-effectively at scale. SingleStore struck the right balance of performance, cost, expressiveness and partnership.

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Molly Shelestak
Principal Product Manager, Heap by Contentsquare

Dell Technologies

We considered MariaDB and NoSQL databases, as well as Oracle Database in-memory. What we wanted was a relational database that had the speed of NoSQL. We chose SingleStore.

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We looked at four players: SingleStore, BigQuery, Cloudera, and Snowflake. Several of the competitors have good features, but they all had a pitfall or two that held us back, whereas SingleStore really ticked all the boxes.

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Retailers who formerly had to wait 1-2 days to understand what was happening with their operations can now get a finger on the pulse of their business in real time.

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I don’t think this business unit is viable for us without SingleStore. We couldn’t hit the performance requirements with MySQL.

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Getting that video data fast is ultimately what our users want, and it’s the lifeblood of Arcules. We’ve achieved that with SingleStore.

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Digital Asset Research

When our volume started going up, My SQL would go down. That’s when we partnered up with SingleStore. We process about 200M trades/day; on a heavy day we go up to a billion trades. We have never seen downtime with SingleStore. Its architecture is well-integrated with AWS and well-integrated with Kafka. SingleStore Pipelines eliminate the need for us to go grab an ETL tool. Without SingleStore we could not be doing what we do today.

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On the old system, we couldn’t bring in too much data. We had a large enterprise account sign up as a client, bringing a million web views a day. We had to add smart filtering to ensure it wouldn’t make our database explode. With SingleStore, I don’t have that concern anymore.

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Fathom Analytics

We are now all in on SingleStore Helios, which has allowed us to drop Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL, saving us an absolute fortune in monthly costs while dramatically improving performance.

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"Because SingleStore is fully managed, I don’t have to engage my operations team to manage outages or incidents. We can spend at least 10% more of our time working on our product roadmap and other value-producing projects.”

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With SingleStore, we no longer look at the database as a limiting factor in our business.

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With SingleStore we've achieved 24x faster response times and a 75% reduction in total cost of ownership.

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