SingleStore Wins Five 2024 Top Rated Awards from TrustRadius




SingleStore has been recognized with five TrustRadius Top Rated Awards for 2024 – the most we’ve ever won in a single year. We have been recognized as Top Rated for 2024 in the Relational Databases, Database as a Service (DBaaS), Operational Analytics and In-Memory Databases categories for the third consecutive year, and in the Vector Databases category for the first time.

SingleStore Wins Five 2024 Top Rated Awards from TrustRadius

TrustRadius Top Rated Awards recognize market-leading customer satisfaction, and are entirely based on customer reviews and ratings; there are no paid advertisements or placements. Our continued success reflects broad user satisfaction with SingleStore and our products year after year.

We are proud to be recognized in the Vector Databases category, as it reflects our powerful data platform built by design to fuel AI-enriched applications, including facial and other image recognition, semantic search, chatbots (like SQrL), similarity search, video monitoring and surveillance and more. Our vector search capabilities eliminate the need for users to run a speciality vector database (SVDB) solely for their vector workloads —  saving them from issues like redundant data, excessive data movement, increased complexity, limited query power, added cost and more.

Trust Radius Top Rated 2024 for Relational Database, Database as a Service, Operational Analytics, In-Memory Database and Vector Database

To be honored with a TrustRadius award, products must meet several criteria — including 10 or more recent reviews, a rating of 7.5 or higher on TrustRadius’s TR Score and earning 0.5% or more of a website’s traffic in that category. SingleStore exceeded all criteria and has a TR Score of 9.8 out of 10.

“We are honored to have won five TrustRadius awards, as it reflects our success in developing a comprehensive data platform for our customers,” said Madhukar Kumar, SingleStore Chief Marketing Officer. “To be recognized in the Vector Databases category is particularly exciting, demonstrating that we are leading the way in helping our customers transform the power of AI, the most groundbreaking technology of our time, into substantial business value.”

"SingleStore earning a TrustRadius Top Rated award is a testament to the overwhelmingly positive feedback captured in their customer’s reviews. This recognition highlights SingleStore's commitment to delivering exceptional database solutions. We congratulate SingleStore on this well-deserved honor and commend them for their dedication to exceeding customer expectations, empowering businesses, and delivering outstanding database performance." - Allyson Havener, SVP of Marketing & Community, TrustRadius

Current reviews on the TrustRadius SingleStore page illustrate the reasons for SingleStore’s Top Rated awards, including:

  • SingleStore has streamlined our data management, a verified user said. “In our data-centric organization, SingleStore is integral for managing, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of data in real time, enhancing our ability to serve dynamic insights to end- users. SingleStore's role is not just in data management; it's a catalyst for leveraging data as a strategic asset, fostering innovation and driving efficiency across our organization, thus aligning with our growth and evolving business needs.”
  • “Our use of SingleStore is for diverse business use cases ranging from online data streaming, OLTP, and big data batch processing,” said a verified user in a review titled Robust, Fast, and Scalable Database Solution. SingleStore proved to be an excellent business and technical partner, with a top-of-line technical product and good business and technical support.”
  • “The app we've built at Particl runs large analytical queries, and requires the ability to ingest large amounts of data 24/7,” said a verified user in a review titled SingleStore is the Solution. Most other services we looked into were not able to handle our analytical queries, or could not ingest the data quick enough. SingleStore has resolved this issue, which is mission-critical.”
  • In a review titled SingleStore - Blazing Fast Database Service, a verified user said, “As we implemented BI platforms, the previous DB would bog down so badly that it negatively affected our online products Moving to SingleStore made a huge difference. General performance is amazing. We gained speed in areas we were not even expecting, to the point we had to slow down or put rate limits in place to avoid duplications.”

SingleStore continues to drive innovation in the tech industry with a robust product suite that prioritizes user experience. On January 24, 2024, we launched our latest product release, SingleStore Pro Max. Pro Max features groundbreaking capabilities and features including faster hybrid vector search, native data integration services and our new Free Shared Tier. Learn more here.

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