Visual Identity Guidelines
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The SingleStore logo, representative of ideas of continuous improvement, brings both a sophistication and flexibility suitable for a 
multi-generational company. It’s a cornerstone of our identity — a symbol of trust, quality and a key identifier for our customers.

Logos should not be stretched, reversed, flipped or altered in any way. The preferred color-way is in solid black or solid white in a 
horizontal orientation.

SingleStore horizontal lock-up black

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SingleStore horizontal lock-up white

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color-paletteColor palette

Our palette has been carefully chosen to allow for a diverse set of brand executions while remaining highly legible and accessible. Divided into three groups, color should be used with intention and restraint — favoring moments of calm over extremely colorful executions.

primary-palettePrimary palette

Purple 500
RGB 209, 153, 255
CMYK 18, 38, 0, 0 PMS 2563c

Purple 700

RGB 130, 13, 223 
CMYK 71, 88, 0, 0 PMS 266c

Purple 900
RGB 54, 0, 97 
HEX #360061
CMYK 76, 100, 0, 18 PMS 269c

neutral-paletteNeutral palette

Black 100
RGB 242, 242, 242
 HEX #F2F2F2
CMYK 10, 7, 5, 0 PMS Cool Gray 1c

Black 600
RGB 82, 82, 82
 HEX #525252
CMYK 50, 40, 34, 17 PMS Cool Gray 9c

Black 1000
0, 0, 0
 HEX #000000
100, 61, 32, 96 PMS Black 6c

secondary-paletteSecondary palette

Blue 700
RGB 75, 71, 255 HEX #4B47FF
CMYK 69, 10, 0, 0 PMS 285c

Green 700
RGB 161, 255, 40 
CMYK 40, 0, 98, 0 PMS 375c

Cool Gray 700
RGB 171, 193, 187 HEX #ABC1BB
CMYK 42, 11, 16, 0 PMS 5503c

Yellow 700
RGB 255, 203, 46 
CMYK 0, 4, 88, 0 PMS 115c

Orange 700
RGB 255, 108, 2 HEX #FF6C02
CMYK 0, 64, 100, 0 PMS 1505c

Red 700
RGB 255, 134, 123 HEX #FF8678
CMYK 0, 64, 58, 0 PMS 2345c


Sans Sans is an economical, robust and versatile member of the Sans Serif type family. Its design is imprinted with the DNA of a number of protean Sans Serif typefaces from the latter half of the twentieth century — elegant, late modern styles that are often referred to as 'neo-grotesques'.

In developing Sans Sans, every contour, stroke, curve and counter form has been honed to its most natural shape to render each individual glyph in the simplest, smoothest possible form.

When operating in Google Suite, use Roboto as a substitute for Sans Sans. Roboto should not be used for any external communications or marketing.

company-boilerplateCompany boilerplate

one-sentenceOne sentence

SingleStore is the world’s only database that allows users to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time, elevating human lives.

short-formShort form

SingleStore empowers the world’s makers to build, deploy and scale modern, intelligent applications on the only database that allows you to transact, analyze and contextualize data in real time — elevating human lives.

long-formLong Form

The core of all AI, business intelligence and applications is data — various bits and bytes that come in all different formats. Only when we sift through this data, reason with it and build on top of it in real time does it give way to vast amounts of information and knowledge. 

Real-time insights are key to the way we live our lives today; the way we entertain ourselves; the way we listen to music; the way we order groceries.

Real-time insights keep your BI tools fresh, and they ensure you never miss a fraudulent payment.

The fact of the matter is this: every company is a technology company, and every technology company is a data company. And ultimately, every data company needs to reason and act on real-time data to elevate human lives, and keep the world moving. 

SingleStoreDB empowers the world’s makers to build, deploy and scale modern, intelligent applications — backed by streaming data ingestion, a unique table type that supports both transactions (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads, limitless point-in-time recovery and a distributed (shared-nothing) MySQL-compatible architecture.