Why You Need a Real-Time Analytics Database




Why You Need a Real-Time Analytics Database

A real-time analytics database enables you to collect and access data instantly, empowering your organization to make better, more informed business decisions.

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why-you-need-a-real-time-analytics-databaseWhy You Need a Real-Time Analytics Database

By most estimates, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily — offering businesses the opportunity to leverage insights through advanced technology, like a real-time analytics database that allows you to deliver a more personalized customer experience, enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes.

The benefits of real-time data are experienced in numerous industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education and agriculture. And in today’s increasingly competitive market and customer-first environment, tools like a real-time analytics platform that can deliver actionable insights have become critical to success.

A real-time analytics database enables you to collect and access data instantly, empowering your organization to make better, more informed business decisions. With data streams increasingly growing larger and more complex, companies find that they must implement real-time data analytics strategies to stay competitive.

With a traditional database, information is stored and retrieved by a data analyst (or a team of data analysts) in batches before being distributed in reports. This manual process can take hours, days or weeks — causing delays in your team’s ability to make decisions, or avert costly risks.

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the-benefits-of-a-real-time-analytics-databaseThe Benefits of a Real-Time Analytics Database

With a real-time analytics database, your team can access visualizations, summaries and reports in real time, allowing you to more readily complete various tasks and make vital decisions like minimizing risks in production, and monitoring and adjusting inventory.

For example, a company can proactively adjust its marketing campaigns and customer experience with the latest data insights to ensure they are attracting new clients, while engaging and retaining existing clients.

With real-time data on target behavior, buying habits and preferences, you can create a comprehensive and highly targeted campaign that resonates with your primary audiences.

And, studies show the investment in real-time technology —like a real-time analytics platform — pays off. A survey from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reveals that 58% of business leaders say real-time analytics technology leads to higher rates of customer retention.

Another benefit of real-time data analytics platforms is they eliminate data silos often found in tech stacks. Through a customized dashboard that pulls data insights from various departments — including sales, marketing, production and engineering — executives and other team members gain access to important information to better guide decision making.

Unlike traditional databases, a real-time analytics database paves the way for you to have access to up-to-the-minute insights, empowering your teams to make in-the-moment decisions that impact everything from customer experiences to your bottom line.

real-time-analytics-database-architectureReal-Time Analytics Database Architecture

Modern data analytics use cases, for the most part, require real-time analytics architecture that performs at high levels — particularly in ingesting, processing, analyzing and reporting on data. Due to the nature of data availability and access, a real-time analytics database requires a unique architecture that differs from traditional databases.

For example, SingleStoreDB is built with a unique, three-tiered storage architecture that’s designed specifically for millisecond response times. Unlike traditional or specialized data engines that are designed for one type of workload, SingleStoreDB is a unified database — combining transactional and analytical processing within a multi-model structure.

Due to its processing and data streaming capabilities, SingleStoreDB is the ideal database for real-time analytics and applications.

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Real-time query workloads are also more precise than classic data workloads, like those in data warehouses. Not to mention, these workloads have technical requirements that set them apart as real-time analytics use cases:

  • Low latency streaming data ingestion. Data should be continuously ingested as its generated, and available immediately for indexing and querying. Batch data loading, or ETL, simply won’t cut it.

  • Flexible indexing. This enables low latency data access in several scenarios, including selective queries, full-text search, geospatial queries and more.

  • Reliable support for complex queries. This is especially true for ANSI SQL that matches top-tier data warehouses with data sizes in the 100s of GB to 10s of TB.

  • Separation of storage and compute. Applications shouldn’t have to give up elasticity to get low latency ingest and query capabilities. And overall, this requirement helps to reduce long-term TCO.

  • Strong high availability. The support to keep applications up and running — even while facing hardware failures — is critical for real-time analytics workloads.

With the right real-time analytics database architecture, you gain the insights you need to take immediate action to cover the specific requirements of your industry.

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real-time-analytics-database-use-casesReal-Time Analytics Database Use Cases

Various industries — from financial technology to IoT and cybersecurity — are increasingly showing the benefits of a real-time analytics database:


Security threat detection and analysis over device telemetry data

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energy-utilitiesEnergy & Utilities

Analysis of sensor data from oil wells is used to detect issues early, guide the drilling process and conduct profitability analyses. And, similar use cases apply to powering smart telemetry for electrical companies.

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io-t-telematicsIoT & Telematics

Analysis of cell tower telemetry for a large cell phone carrier to detect phone call quality issues quickly; Ingesting and analyzing IoT event streams (or video streams) for anomaly detection.

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gaming-mediaGaming & Media

Behavioral analysis on the click traffic from web games or streaming video services to optimize end-user experiences — like providing personalized recommendations, or monitoring stream quality.


Low latency stock portfolio analysis based on fresh market data for high-networth customers.

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Credit card fraud detection over a stream of purchase data and other telemetry.

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marketing-adtechMarketing & Adtech

Faster time-to-insights for publishers and managers to oversee performance marketing channels for revenue generation; market segmentation and ad targeting based on application telemetry, geospatial data and clickstream data from various sources.

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retail-e-commerceRetail & eCommerce

Low latency dashboards — or “fastboards”— to provide a live, 360-degree view of company metrics

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supply-chain-analyticsSupply Chain Analytics

Using real-time sensor data with predictive analytics to power the future of connected supply chains.

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single-store-db-the-real-time-analytics-database-for-modern-applicationsSingleStoreDB: The Real-Time Analytics Database for Modern Applications

SingleStoreDB meets — and exceeds — the previously mentioned requirements for a real-time analytics database. From streaming data ingestion to a unified architecture and reliable support for complex queries, the world’s leading brands choose SingleStoreDB every day for its proven ability to power real-time analytics and applications.

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