3 Key Attributes of a Modern Application That’s Ready for Real Time

The features your database architecture needs to make your application competitive

From finding a new show based on a recommendation from your streaming service, to getting fraud alerts from your bank, you benefit from both real-time applications and analytics every day. And behind the scenes, these daily touchpoints online and in the marketplace require a powerful database architecture to work as they should. 

As a consumer, you know what to expect when you’re using an application. But how do you meet your own standards when you’re the one providing the application or service? 

In this eBook, we’ll explore three key features that your database architecture needs to use live data that makes your application competitive: ultra-fast ingest, high concurrency with low latency and AI/ML capabilities 

You’ll also uncover:

  • Common challenges organizations face with batch data loading and ETL
  • How SingleStoreDB supports customer-facing applications with 40,000+ concurrent users 
  • Stories from real customers that successful build, deploy and scale real-time applications and analytics

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