Introducing SingleStore Free Shared Tier

Now in public preview on SingleStore Helios cloud.

Today marks a very special day at SingleStore. This day has been three years in the making —  three years since we first launched SingleStore’s cloud service. Today, we’re bringing SingleStore to everyone, everywhere with a free offering on the cloud! 

SingleStore powers some of the world's leading companies and applications with its unique versatility to handle transactional workloads, demanding analytical queries and hybrid search. Our Free Shared Tier democratizes access to this powerful engine for all your apps and ideas.

In this post, we’ll explore how we’ve brought performance and a robust feature set to this Free Shared Tier – and why we’re all very, very excited about this launch.

the-easiest-way-to-build-modern-generative-ai-data-appsThe easiest way to build modern generative AI + data apps

As a multi-model HTAP database, SingleStore is loved by builders and developers at the earliest stage — dozens of ideas and projects are started on SingleStore. Here’s why:

  1. A single database for all your workloads — point reads/writes, real-time analytics, AI, vector search and more. Your apps don’t just run one type of operation, neither should your database.
  2. We scale as you grow, so you don’t need separate analytics and transactions stores to scale. SingleStore is a single source and destination for all your data.
  3. We’re fast, bringing data to your end-users and AI/ML models in real time.

With the Shared Edition on SingleStore Helios cloud, everyone can leverage this general-purpose engine to bring their ideas to life, without the need to commit to a paid plan. Our free starter workspaces offer storage limit of 1GB of compressed data (~4GB total data), and access to Pipelines, UDFs, Stored Procedures.

We’re really excited to see what our community builds — we recently built a recommendation engine for LLMs powered by entirely on a Starter Workspace!

performance-at-any-scalePerformance at any scale

A big focus for our Free Shared Tier was maintaining our DNA — you can still ingest real-time streaming data, run large aggregate queries and perform vector search over millions of embeddings.

Real-time performance is our core identity, and SingleStore Shared-Edition gives you the best of SingleStore’s core engine and native tooling — our engineering team has worked really hard to make this happen.

shared-compute-full-securityShared compute, full security

While compute resources for Shared-Edition workspaces are shared amongst users,  your data and workloads are fully isolated and secure. We achieve this through separation of storage and compute, database-level RBAC and filtering info schemas.

We’ll soon introduce  more functionality, resource pooling and  larger limits to the SingleStore Shared Edition — stay tuned!

wed-love-for-you-try-single-store-free-shared-tier-outWe’d love for you try SingleStore Free Shared Tier out

We’ve worked hard to host SingleStore as a multi-tenant system in the cloud and this is just the start for us: we are investing heavily to bring SingleStore to everyone for their applications, no matter the scale.

We have started rolling out a preview of Free Shared Tier, and would love to hear what you are building with it. If you don’t have this feature enabled yet and would like to try it out, feel free to reach out directly to me, our PM team or through our Forums.