Announcing the SingleStoreDB Driver for the SQLTools VSCode Extension

Announcing the SingleStoreDB Driver for the SQLTools VSCode Extension

For those of you who haven't heard of it, SQLTools is a VSCode extension for connecting to different databases.

This extension is extremely popular, recording more than 2 million downloads. SQLTools works using drivers — which are installed separately from the main extension — to connect to a variety of different databases. 

During a recent internal hackathon, we worked on a driver for SingleStoreDB, so that SQLTools users can connect to SingleStore databases. This extension has been published on GitHub, where you can learn all about it!

Installing this driver is as easy as:

code --install-extension mtxr.sqltools
code --install-extension singlestore.sqltools-singlestore-driver

Here's a tease of what you'll get:

This extension can be used to connect to both Singlestore Helios and SingleStoreDB Self-Managed deployments of SingleStore. And here's a video of how you can connect to SingleStore using VSCode's SQLTools.

The SQLTools extension has a lot of different features, from running queries to keeping a history of query execution, browsing your database schema, SQL auto completion and many others. It's a very complete package that allows anybody to perform most of the common database operations directly from their VSCode instance.

In general, we're trying to make SingleStore a first-class citizen across many different platforms (from IDEs to BI tools), so expect more news in this area in the coming months. Developers who are using our product expect it to be supported by many more tools, and we're working on several integrations — besides the ones we've already published (Sequel Pro, SQL Workbench, JetBrains DataGrip and others).

If you want to read the full documentation about the extension, you can find it on GitHub. Of course, if you find any issues, please submit them here. Alternatively, you can reach out to us in our Forums.