Recently, we hosted a special meetup at our headquarters in San Francisco for the community, and shared some great talks. The slides for each talk and the video presentations have been made available below.

Drew Paroski, SingleStore VP of Engineering and Adam Prout, SingleStore Chief Architect delivered a fun talk about taking a methodical approach for making a decision, dug into interesting tradeoffs, and gave tips about what to look for under the hood and how to evaluate the tech behind the database, all wrapped within a Star Wars theme.

Rodrigo Gomes, a SingleStore engineer, highlighted some of the challenges to building a fault tolerant distributed architecture, and how the SingleStore architecture tackles these challenges.

Tewei Luo, another SingleStore engineer, demoed an upcoming feature in SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 6.5 showing how advanced stream processing use cases can be tackled with a combination of stored procedures (new in 6.0) and the SingleStore Pipelines feature.

Check out the below video to see all the presentations from the meetup.

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