Happy New Year Community Announcement! 🥳

Happy New Year, SingleStore Community Members!

It has been such a special year for SingleStore and our community! Thanks to every one of you for making this community what it is. We appreciate you being here with us, and are glad to step into the next level of our growth together.

With 2021 over, let’s do a bit of a retrospective:

  • We expanded our team!
  • We’ve seen fantastic growth!
  • We raised $80 Million in our series F round!
  • We released SingleStore version 7.6!

Together, we have learned so much from each other. We value your feedback and suggestions because listening to the community better supports your projects and goals. We are launching amazing content, programs and features — all based on feedback we’ve received from you. With these changes, we’ll be better positioned to enable you to adapt to change as it happens, embrace diverse data with ease and accelerate the pace of innovation for your enterprise.

As we enter 2022, we are excited for a year of new opportunities and successes, including:

  • More interactions!
  • More community events!
  • Even more surprises are yet to come!

We know that building one platform for all data will foster valuable insights and collaboration. We are committed to continuing our mission with more enthusiasm and velocity than we’ve ever demonstrated before. We want to see all of your projects succeed, and celebrate your wins in our community!

Our SingleStore community is great because of all of you! Each of you brings a unique perspective, which is why we love to hear your thoughts and questions. Whether you are curious about a feature, need tech support or want to share something you’re excited about, our SingleStore forum is the place to connect. We have several categories and a guide to navigate, explore and engage quickly.

Sharing your feedback is a great way to engage with our team and other community members and inspire new ideas. It also helps others who might be having similar experiences.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we want to hear from you. Visit us in the SingleStore forum — and happy connecting!

Thank you for being a part of our SingleStore community and growing with us, new and old, from near and far. We look forward to making 2022 great — together.

The SingleStore Team

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