Power BI Connector

The Direct query is not working when I use this connector:

I’m getting OLE DB or ODBC error: [Expression.Error] The value provided for SQL capability ‘FractionalSecondsScale’ in Odbc.DataSource is invalid

Is there something I’m missing?

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What version of PowerBI Desktop are you running and on what operation are you getting this error, any DirectQuery report?



Hi! Thanks in advance!
I’m using this power bi and the problem is at DirectQuery report. The preview and the Import works perfectly but I’m unable to use it at DirectQuery.
ODBC Mysql Driver is already installed (And it’s the only one)

Version : 2.80.5803.1061 64- bit (April 2020)

We have identified an issue with our connector starting PBI Desktop 2.76 and our engineering team is working on a fix for the connector. Do you have access to PBI desktop version 2.75 and would you be able to try it? I will let you know when the connector patch is available.


Thanks, I really appreciate your help. I download the PBI 2.75 version and it worked fine. Once the connector is available please let me know so we can upgrade the version. Thanks a lot for the quick response!

is there an Update already to this topic? I would be interested as well. Running Power BI in Version: 2.80.5803.1061 64-bit (April 2020)

Thank you

Hi Christian,

I cannot share a specific update, but we are actively working to provide resolution to this issue.


Is there some update about the connector?

Hello @moralez.rodrigo , Do you still have the Power BI 2.75 installer with you? I have been looking everywhere to see if I can download it.

I am having the same problem with the MemSQL Direct Connector.

If you could kindly share your PBI 2.75 Installer, would be great.

Thank you.

Hello Fernando,

Here is a personal website from a Sergio, a full-time Microsoft employee, who has made available previous versions of PowerBI Desktop.

This link references PBI 2.75 Installers, and he has documented other versions on a monthly basis in 2019:

There does not seem to be previous versions in 2020 uploaded at this time.

Thanks in advance!
David Yakobovitch
SingleStore Education

We have an internal beta now of a new, fully-rewritten Power BI connector for SingleStore, and we are working with Microsoft to request that they include this with Power BI as a built-in, native connector.

If you would like a built-in SingleStore connector in Power BI, please vote for it here:

and encourage your co-workers to do the same!

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