SingleStore 7.6 RC Released!

SingleStore is proud to announce its 7.6 Release Candidate (RC), available for SingleStore Managed Service and SingleStore DB. To install it for SingleStore DB, using sdb-deploy, use

--version dev:de38cb89-dc28-457f-8b0b-b4a81e512b16

See here for additional information on deployment options.

After installation, if you do

select @@memsql_version;

you should see 7.6.3.

Highlights include:

  • Lock-free backup
  • Unlimited Storage for Azure
  • Unlimited Storage for Google Cloud Storage (preview)
  • Kafka transaction support for pipelines
  • support for Current User (invoker) security model for SPs
  • vector analytics functions json_array_unpack, vector_vector_mul, scalar_vector_mul etc.

Point-in-time recovery (PITR) is still in preview but will be ready for production use in the 7.6 GA release coming soon.

For the full feature list, see the release notes.


Today we refreshed the RC from 7.6.2 to 7.6.3. The new build version ID is above.

Can the release notes page be updated to include 7.6.3 please? Looking forward to trying it out.

Yes, we’ll get that updated soon.

For now, this is what’s different:

  • Azure is now supported by Unlimited Storage
  • Add PASSWORD_EXPIRATION to information_schema.USERS
  • Improve performance of selective filters using string columns in columnstore tables
  • bug fixes

The 7.6 GA build of SingleStore DB is now available. It’s numbered 7.6.4. This moves point-in-time recovery (PITR) from Preview status to production-ready status. You can install it with tools using

--version 7.6

7.6.4 release notes are available here:

Stay tuned to for fanfare about 7.6 availability on our managed service next week.

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