😎 SingleStore September 16th Community Call

:sunglasses: Thursday, September 16, 2022 @ 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT :sunglasses:

The end of the summer is nigh. Yet we still have one more Community Call livestream before the season changes. :sunny:

Join us for this last SingleStore Community Call of the summer! We’ll be streaming on Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitch so you don’t have to go far to find us on your favorite platform.

We will have updates covering Community and Developer Relations activities from our team with a special guest and shout out recognitions of our awesome members!

Hosted by our very own Field CTO and VP of Product Marketing, Domenic Ravita (Twitter: @DomenicRavita), he’ll also share product updates and exciting news on what’s coming up for this next months and beyond.

Maria Silverhardt (Twitter: @MsDataDetective), our Dev CommunityOps Lead that you might have seen around the forums or in your inbox, will cover community updates and forum highlights.

Akmal Chaudhri (Twitter: @AkmalChaudhri), our Senior Technical Evangelist will share recent and upcoming events, new DevRel content and answer any questions from the audience.

With honorary special guest Vedran Cindric, Founder and CEO of Treblle, an API observability platform. We recently interviewed Vedran on our Guest Engineer Showcase Spotlight. From a small town in rural Croatia, Vedran has had a passion for computers since he was a kid. He has over 18 years of software developer experience and authored the Diary of a Wimpy DevOps Engineer: Monoliths, among others. More of his stories can be found on HackerNoon. Not only does he enjoy talking about APIs, back-end development, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS and other DevOps topics, he also loves to talk about BBQ. :meat_on_bone: Yum. Connect with Vedran on LinkedIn or on Twitter @cindreta.

We’ve seen more activities from our members in the forums and it’s been really exciting! We’ve had some really great questions asked in the help section; and also, we’ve had other members taking the time out to answer each other’s questions. Which is super awesome! :clap:

When ya’ll share your journeys and tips from your experiences, it’s a beautiful thing. We are told, all the time, how much it inspires ya’ll to solve the tough problems you face and accomplish new innovative things in your projects. More than you may realize, your posts are helping others up-skill, learn and grow. This is so great because this is what our community is all about! We appreciate all your contributions, and we love celebrating you on our monthly Community Call!

While you’re waiting, catch-up on the August Community Call and the out-of-this-world Wasm database space program game in the meantime. :rocket:

Let us get to know you better, post your introduction if you haven’t already!

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Want to be a contributor or a special guest on an up-coming Community Call?
:sparkles: Comment below or DM me directly.

See you soon! Cheers :dizzy: