📢 ICYMI - August Community Call Recap

:sunglasses: ICYMI – the summer heat is keeping our SingleStore topics spicy. This month’s Community Call is one you’ll want to tell your friends about! Catch the replay on Youtube and explore more about this month’s hot topics by clicking the links below…

This month, we are happy to have Carl Sverre, Director of Engineering, as our honorary guest! Carl took a deep dive into an interesting forum question, gave us a summary of some neat project outcomes from our summer hackathon and introduced us to his fun out-of-this-world space game with Wasm. Enjoy an endless intergalactic battle in-database any time!

Watch the entire August Community Call here:

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Make a note to tune in to our next Community Call on September 16th at 10 am PDT with honorary guest Vedran Cindric.

Vedran Cindric, Founder and CEO of Treblle, an API observability platform. We recently interviewed Vedran on our Guest Engineer Showcase Spotlight. From a small town in rural Croatia, Vedran has had a passion for computers since he was a kid. He has over 18 years of software developer experience and authored the Diary of a Wimpy DevOps Engineer: Monoliths, among others. More of his stories can be found on HackerNoon. Not only does he enjoy talking about APIs, back-end development, PHP, HTML/CSS/JS and other DevOps topics, he also loves to talk about BBQ. :meat_on_bone: Yum. Connect with Vedran on LinkedIn or on Twitter @cindreta.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s Community Call as much as we did! We aim to ensure our community members are receiving the support and resources needed to further their curiosity and their projects’ successes. We appreciate community members sharing their experiences and supporting each other with tips, code, and solutions on the community forum. Our community is so great because you all are so great! Thank you!

If you’d like to be a featured guest, share your projects, give feedback, receive a shout out, and/or have any questions, feel free to comment below and let us know. Until next month, cheers! :beers: