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The current pandemic is accelerating trends toward infrastructuremodernization, increased automation, move to cloud, and the need forreal-time applications. If your company is leaning into meeting these newrequirements, you need to take the Now Readiness Assessment. This assessmenttakes about 10 minutes, and will let you know where your company stands onthe path to a future that, suddenly, is Now.

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Use of Live Data

Modern companies use live, real-time data to ensure the best customer experiences. The Now Readiness Assessment will show you how you compare in using live data.

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Simplicity and Speed

Convoluted data architectures make it impossible to use real-time data and meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs). Learn more about the move toward simplicity.

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Fast Query Performance

Getting value from data means that your data infrastructure must be responsive to real-time inquiries - from users, tools, and apps. Find out how to reach sub-second response times.

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AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning models are moving from the data scientist's workbench and into production. See how to plug their work effectively into your data architecture.

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