Accelerating Fintech Applications at Scale

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Accelerating Fintech Applications at Scale


Global consumers have turned to alternative ways of managing their finances and Fintechs are at the epicenter of this revolution driving forward a market that is projected to grow to $324 Billion by 2026.

Tech-savvy startups are answering the call, bringing forward disruptive technologies like banking-as-a-service or embedded finance to innovate at the speed of supply and demand.

Today, SingleStore is powering the digital foundation with the speed and scale to enable some of the leading Fintechs across multiple segments. From powering modern data marketplaces to real-time trading, and embedded finance solutions, SingleStore offers a next generation database for powering modern fintech applications.

Join us for an interactive webinar to hear from three customers and Fintech innovators such as Spacetime, DailyVest and Digital Asset Research on how they are using SingleStore to power their core applications to deliver cutting-edge use cases.

Discussion Topics

  • How Spacetime uses SingleStore to drive real-time trading data and machine learning

  • How dailyVest uses SingleStore to power asset management and investment performance reporting

  • How Digital Asset Research uses SingleStore to provide crypto asset research, clean pricing and market data

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SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.

The cloud-native operational database built for speed and scale
Accelerate business with instant insights delivered by the world’s fastest database for operational analytics
Create your future on a platform made for the demands of the data revolution, including machine learning and AI
Transform on your terms - with the familiarity and efficiency of SQL, and an architecture that bursts through limits
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