ChatGPT Dev Day: Build a GenAI App with SingleStore and AWS

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Prachiti Behere - <span>Solution Engineer</span>
Bo Niu - <p><span>ISV Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services</span></p>

ChatGPT Dev Day: Build a GenAI App with SingleStore and AWS

Register now for our upcoming ChatGPT Dev Day & Happy Hour @ AWS Bay Area! This technical workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with vector databases, prototype GPT apps, and build mini Generative AI apps using new technologies like Langchain, AutoGPT, Hugging Face, and OpenAI, all on AWS cloud. You can register for either the virtual or on-site version of the event, whichever suits your schedule and location.

Our Solution Engineer, Prachiti Behere, will be on hand to guide attendees through an interactive demo. In addition to the technical workshop, we will also have a happy hour after the event.

Workshop sections:

  • Choosing the right data architecture for your Generative AI app

  • How to build a custom ChatGPT app on AWS cloud

  • Going beyond context awareness (Langchain, AutoGPT, Hugging Face, OpenAI)

  • Happy Hour!


  • Bo Niu, ISV Solutions Architect at AWS

  • Prachiti Behere, Head of Solution Engineering at SingleStore

Event Details:

  • Date/Time: Thursday, August 17th, 4-6pm PT

  • Location (Live Bay Area Attendees): 

    • Amazon SJC38 Building

    • 3075 Olcott Street

    • Santa Clara, CA 95054

    • Security: Please bring government-issued ID to enter the building

  • Participation: 

    • Zoom Webinar link will be emailed out to all registrants (both onsite and virtual participants will need Zoom to access workshop materials during the live session)

Prachiti Behere - <span>Solution Engineer</span>
Prachiti Behere
Solution Engineer
Bo Niu - <p><span>ISV Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services</span></p>
Bo Niu

ISV Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Event Details

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120 minutes
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