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Databases and DevOps w/ Joe Karlsson (SingleStore) and Rizel Scarlett (GitHub)

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Databases and DevOps w/ Joe Karlsson (SingleStore) and Rizel Scarlett (GitHub)


Databases are frequently not included when transforming an application and engineering culture towards a DevOps or continuous deployment engineering organization. And, you could be forgiven for this, because setting up repeatable, fast, and up-to-date database environments for an application is really hard!

Join us on Wednesday, February 09th, 2021 at 12pm ET for a live demo and discussion between Rizel Scarlett from GitHub, and Joe Karlsson from SingleStore. We will show you how to set up continuous database deployments using GitHub Actions.

Discussion Topics

  • Set up a new SingleStore cluster and GitHub Actions

  • Set up continuous database deployments using GitHub Actions

  • Run a sample CD workflow

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60 minutes
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