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What’s New in the Winter Release and What’s in the Roadmap?

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What’s New in the Winter Release and What’s in the Roadmap?


Data is the lifeblood of a business. It pumps through all its vital organs– from revenue-generating web apps to analytics that power business decisions. Despite decades of progress and various systems to manage all of this data, customers have had to live with a silent compromise of the impossible trinity:  Speed | Reliability | Ease of Use

You can have whatever you want as long as it’s not all three. At SingleStore, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise.  

Join us on December 15th for an interactive webinar to learn more about our new product innovations as part of our December 2022 (8.0) Release and to learn more about how we’re delivering all three:

  • Speed: Ludicrously-fast analytics on structured and semi-structured data
  • Reliability: Designed for the most demanding, mission-critical applications 
  • Ease of Use: Easy to deploy and develop with; Pain-free management

As part of this webinar you can hear from our marquee Customers and Product & Engineering Leaders on:

  • What’s new that was launched as part of the December 2022 (8.0) Release
  • Product Roadmap and where are we going?
  • Customer use case and journey

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SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.

The cloud-native operational database built for speed and scale
Accelerate business with instant insights delivered by the world’s fastest database for operational analytics
Create your future on a platform made for the demands of the data revolution, including machine learning and AI
Transform on your terms - with the familiarity and efficiency of SQL, and an architecture that bursts through limits