Exploring the Rise of Cloud Marketplaces with Forrester and Uber

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Exploring the Rise of Cloud Marketplaces with Forrester and Uber


Cloud Marketplaces are a convenient way for customers to find compatible, third-party ISV solutions approved by AWS/GCP/Azure. Customers are increasingly leveraging Cloud Marketplaces to procure IT services without too much friction.

Join us for this interactive webinar that covers the perspectives of both sellers and customers on Cloud Marketplaces. Forrester Analyst Liz Herbert will provide a macro-overview of the different Cloud Marketplaces. Then Sarah Keller from Uber will share her customer perspectives, insights, and learnings on utilizing Cloud Marketplaces to procure IT services. Lastly, Rob Weidner from SingleStore will host a live Q&A with Jason Laschewer from Google Cloud to answer your questions.

Discussion Topics

  • The growth in market share for the major Cloud Marketplaces as it relates to IT spend

  • What to look for when evaluating solutions on Cloud Marketplaces

  • Customer benefits by purchasing ISV solutions via Cloud Marketplace

  • Challenges with procurement process workflows and workarounds when leveraging the Cloud Marketplace,

  • Positioning seller benefits of ISV solutions to drive transactions on the Cloud Marketplaces

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