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GenAI Workshop: Using LangChain to Query Multiple PDFs

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Madhukar Kumar - Dev Evangelist, SingleStore

GenAI Workshop: Using LangChain to Query Multiple PDFs


As Generative AI becomes increasingly popular, the capacity to leverage LLMs for analysis and interpretation of private data - including internal documents, PDFs, and other proprietary materials - is becoming more and more essential. SingleStore’s ability to handle vector data, perform semantic searches and integrate data from various sources, makes it ideally-suited to handle private-data AI applications.

Join Madhukar Kumar (Dev Evangelist at SingleStore) for an enlightening webinar on June 15th demonstrating how to construct a GenAI app that’s capable of querying multiple PDFs using LangChain and SingleStore. This event is a must-attend for developers, data engineers, and anyone interested in creating cutting-edge AI applications.

Discussion Topicsdiscussion-topics

  • How to Build a GenAI App: Take a deep dive into using LangChain and SingleStore to develop a GenAI app capable of querying multiple PDFs. We will go through examples using common programming languages.
  • The Power of Vectorization: Explore SingleStore’s native support for efficient vector functions that power GenAI, and discover how to execute simple SQL queries.
  • Practical Development Techniques: Learn hands-on techniques and approaches for constructing applications that use GenAI to query multiple PDFs.
  • The Power of LangChain: Gain insights into LangChain's role in simplifying the creation of applications using large language models.

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Madhukar Kumar - Dev Evangelist, SingleStore
Madhukar Kumar
Dev Evangelist, SingleStore

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