How to Build GPT-chatbot Apps with SingleStore & MindsDB

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Tom Hudson - <span>Engineering Lead, MindsDB</span>
Akmal Chaudhri - <span>Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore</span>

How to Build GPT-chatbot Apps with SingleStore & MindsDB


Join us on March 30th, at this hands-on webinar, to learn how you can revolutionize your applications with machine learning, including GPT-3 based capabilities, using MindsDB and SingleStore integration. This partnership enables companies of all sizes, including those without data science experience to power their solutions with AI capabilities, quicker and at a lower cost. 

Our speakers will describe how you can quickly deploy a data-centric ML system on AWS cloud with your existing SQL skills. Say goodbye to the complexities of ML workflows and save money on developing expensive ML infrastructure.

With integrated support for multiple machine learning frameworks, including OpenAI’s GPT-3 and minimal setup time, you can easily reduce the complexity of  implementing AI into your apps. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and gain valuable insights on how to revolutionize your data team's workflow.

Discussion Topicsdiscussion-topics

  • How to quickly deploy SingleStore and MindsDB integrated infrastructure on AWS cloud
  • How to perform applied machine-learning workflows using SQL commands
  • See live demos of popular ML use cases, including Natural Language Processing, powered by GPT-3

Featured Speakersfeatured-speakers

Tom Hudson - <span>Engineering Lead, MindsDB</span>
Tom Hudson
Engineering Lead, MindsDB
Akmal Chaudhri - <span>Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore</span>
Akmal Chaudhri
Senior Technical Evangelist, SingleStore

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